Reinventing fish processing for a larger, more sustainable bottom-line.

Lift your wholesale and ex-vessel prices and shrink your shrink. Shinkei’s automation suite eliminates human headache to multiply your bottom line.

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Our Secret Sauce


We merge sensor fusion, edge computing and machine learning to turn data into information, decisions, and action. Our tribe of autonomous systems work together to deliver value to you completely hands-free.

Not Revolution.

We only go in one direction: up to 85% of labor can be eliminated.

A Better Supply

Scientifically validated to improve your drip loss by as little as 20%.

Taste The Difference

Side-by-side, Michelin Star chefs can’t distinguish between hand and machine.

Multiply your supply today.

We’re transforming our seafood supply chain with the vanguard technologies of today.

The demands  our ocean have evolved. Our fish supply needs to evolve too.

An estimated half a trillion pounds of seafood are caught every year, yet as little as 1 in 3 fish make it to a plate (FAO). We’re making leaps and bounds across the seafood supply chain to rebuild our food supply for the better.

Robotics as a Service

Our complete harvest suite includes analytics and record-keeping automation so fishers and farmers can optimize and scale at any size.

Our Waitlist is
Filling Up

Shinkei’s technologies strive to eliminate shrink, drive premiums and protect farmer and fisher revenues with our intelligent systems. Now, ready for scale.