for fish harvesting

Minimize fish waste and multiply shelf-life
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Tailor-made robotics

"Revolutionary" for Harvesters & Farmers

Extended shelf life
Extend Shelf Life
Fishes caught on a net
Amplify Yield
Improve Quality
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QUALITY services
Increase Profit From Every Catch
Remove highly-skilled labour costs and speed up processing synchronously. Augment your quality with real-time robotics
Unlock Potential with Digital Infrastructure
Transform your supply chain efficiency with produce tracking. No need to deal with pen and paper; we do the busy work for you.

We leverage technology to unravel hidden value.

Hardware & IOT
Hardware & IOT
Real-time sensing and actuation; species and produce tracking.
Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Systems
Automating the trained fisherman's hand for surgical accuracy.
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Autonomous key point inference and depth perception.

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